Early Dental Care: Why it Matters

You know that you only get two sets of teeth. One sprouts up during the first few years of life and is eventually and gradually replaced by the permanent set that will carry you through the rest of your existence. Baby teeth, as we call them, are only temporary. Why, then, are you encouraged to… Read More »

Suffer from TMJ Syndrome?

Have a pain in your jaw? Think it might be Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome or TMJ? In order to help you out we found this article with more information. We hope it helps! Sullivan Dental Center is your #1 choice for family dental services in St. Francisville, New Roa… Louisiana. Call us today at 225-635-4422 to schedule… Read More »

Know What Stains Your Teeth?

White teeth is something that most people care about. Some people go to more drastic lengths than others to get white teeth. Others just do whitening toothpaste. Regardless of which category you fall in this article can still help you identify what foods stain so you can either avoid them or take necessary precautions. We… Read More »

Looking for Info on Oral Cancer?

Cancer is a big, scary word. It doesn’t matter if the word is said to you or someone you love. It’s scary. Information is key in order to move forward. We found this article on oral cancer. We hope it helps. Sullivan Dental Center is your #1 choice for family dental services in St. Francisville,… Read More »

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