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Want to Look More Vibrantly YOU this Holiday Season? Think BOTOX!

BOTOX® Cosmetic St. Francisville, LAMost people think of seeing their dentist to improve the appearance of their smile with teeth whitening or other cosmetic services. In our St. Francisville office, we go beyond the norm. When our patients want to address other cosmetic concerns that occur as a result of facial aging, we can perform BOTOX injections for a younger, friendlier face.

What BOTOX Does

BOTOX was originally approved for the correction of glabellar lines. These are what we usually refer to as frown lines. The so-called Wonder Drug is highly effective and was initially a clinical therapy for muscle disorders. Cosmetic benefits were initially noticed as a side effect of therapeutic treatment, in fact. The way that BOTOX works are by disrupting the natural release of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter released by nerves. Without this chemical present, muscles will not contract. The temporary relaxation of muscles produces beneficial effects that range from the improved comfort (chronic migraines) to a friendlier face.

Anti-Aging Isn’t Only about Beauty

BOTOX is a purified protein that is in high demand and has been for several years. The results of treatment develop gradually over about seven days, and the face appears more open and relaxed for up to 6 months. Many patients report that, as they have continued to obtain BOTOX treatments periodically, the frequency of treating lines and wrinkles decreases.

To reduce lines and wrinkles is one thing, but anti-aging with BOTOX does a lot more. One of the valuable aspects of strategic muscle relaxing is that the face appears more open and friendly. This may stem from treating a drooping brow or tired-looking eyes with the injectable. According to research, individuals who have had their eyes treated with BOTOX are perceived to be not only years younger, but also much more approachable than before treatments were conducted.

The appearance of the eyes has proven to be an integral aspect of the facial aesthetic. Eyes that are heavy from a dropped brow line, or that look tired decrease a person’s confidence and also diminish the first impression a person can make. Reversing these conditions, therefore, can make an enormous impact on how one is perceived.

The holidays are known for being a bright and cheery time of year. Talk with us about BOTOX treatment to make sure your face reflects the joy you feel this season and throughout the year.

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