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Why a Crown Can Make You Smile

Dental Crowns St. Francisville | Dental Bridges LouisianaYou’re sitting in the dentist’s office, waiting to hear the verdict on that nasty toothache, only to be told you need a root canal and a crown. Oh no! Hearing that you need a crown can feel like a drag. The bad news is that a tooth has been badly damaged. This could seem like the end of the story. But it’s not. When a tooth is damaged so extensively that a crown is needed, you actually may be on your way to more smiles.

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

First and foremost, dental repairs of any degree mean that the pain that brought you to the office will end. That is something to cheer about. The next aspect of a dental crown that is worth a high-five is the fact that the crowns that are made today are nothing like those that were made as recently as the last century. A century ago may sound like a long time. It is. But in the timeline of the whole history of dental medicine, it’s a relatively short span for such a change.

Do you remember the crowns of old? Those gaudy gold or silver caps that shone in the smile, sometimes front and center, did anything but preserve the natural characteristics of teeth. When that was the only choice, it became somewhat of a trend. Well, that trend has passed. Now, we are back to the desire to keep teeth shining white and bright, even if they are not our full-natural teeth.

When a crown is necessary, there are good reasons to consider a restoration made of porcelain. You may have heard of porcelain veneers, cosmetic jackets that are affixed only to the front surface of teeth. Porcelain crowns are similar, only covering the entirety of the tooth, and used for more functional gain that cosmetic. The beauty is, you get both.

Porcelain dental crowns look most like natural teeth. They are made to look translucent at the tips, and they naturally reflect light in the same manner as enamel. This is a more meaningful resemblance than you may imagine! A final benefit of porcelain crowns is durability. These crowns rival the strength and longevity of the metal crowns are parents and grandparents wore, while they surpass them in the area of beauty.

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