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Enjoy Safe Removal and Replacement of Silver Amalgam Fillings at Sullivan Dental Center

Teeth Whitening St. Francisville LAAt Sullivan Dental Center, we work hard to ensure that every procedure is safe and effective for our patients. This often means using only the safe materials and eliminating those that aren’t, including silver amalgam fillings.

The harm of silver amalgam fillings

For many years, even decades, dentists have used silver amalgam materials for the repair of teeth that have experienced cavities. Cavities leave holes in the teeth and become a serious problem if they are not treated with fillings. However, recent studies have shown that silver amalgam fillings can be a problem for many patients, exposing them to mercury. Silver amalgam fillings are comprised of approximately 50% mercury, a substance toxic to the human body. These fillings can slowly release mercury into the bloodstream and body, resulting in the signs and symptoms of mercury poisoning. Because of these reliable studies, the team at Sullivan Dental Center takes a more holistic approach to treating cavities by using safer, more aesthetic materials. In addition, patients who have silver amalgam fillings can have them safely removed by our team of professionals.

Why safe removal?

When silver amalgam fillings are heated, they release mercury toxins into the body and into the air. Because this occurs, it is important that the fillings are removed properly and with proper safety measures in place. The team of Sullivan Dental Center wants to greatly reduce exposure to mercury during the procedure required for removal. We follow the protocols set forth by the IAOMT, an organization that is focused on safe treatment of the smile by avoiding the use of silver amalgam fillings and by properly removing these fillings for replacement. We take our patients’ health seriously and want to ensure that these fillings are replaced in a proper, safe, and effective manner.

Contact Sullivan Dental Center today!

Drs. Frank Sullivan, Clay Couvillon, and Candice Sullivan are here to help patients in and around the community with their oral health care needs, while maintaining smiles free from the harm of silver amalgam fillings. Contact Sullivan Dental Center today by calling (225) 635-4422 for an appointment at 5436 Commerce Street in St. Francisville, LA.

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