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Regular Dental Visits St. Francisville, LA Dental care is something that most of us began receiving when we were very young. For many people, seeing the dentist always felt like a chore – at least until we were able to pull a surprise out of the treasure box. If you were a child who didn’t enjoy seeing the dentist, we have a hunch that you are an adult who has let dental visits slip by now and then.

There is a process that often occurs when a dental appointment is missed. At first, skipping one visit may not seem like a big deal. Then, when enough time has gone by, thoughts like “I will be lectured if I go now” may arise. Then, worry about what dental problems may be lurking may develop. This is a storyline that can continue for years. We suggest a detour!

Benefits of Regular Dental Visits

Seeing the dentist regularly is important. We assume that this is no surprise to you, even if you have been avoiding that exam and cleaning. Instead of talking about the consequences of missing dental appointments, we want to discuss the benefits you have to gain by calling your St. Francisville dentist today to schedule your visit.

  1. At Sullivan Dental, we make dentistry less intimidating and more efficient by offering sedation to patients who struggle with dental anxiety. This is a very real problem and it can keep you from having a healthy smile. Talk with our staff about your options for sedation, and let’s get to work making dental visits something you can look forward to.
  2. When you see your dentist twice a year, you get to know your mouth. When people don’t see the dentist, they may be prone to questioning and worrying. Why is that tooth sensitive? What will be revealed when I see the dentist? What kind of treatment am I going to need? That’s going to cost a lot! If you haven’t seen the dentist in years, these are thoughts you may have pretty often. The more you see your dentist, the more you come to expect that every dental exam will be a breeze.
  3. Dentistry is better today than twenty years ago. Techniques and materials are consistently changing in order to improve patient outcomes. Today, everything from diagnostics to treatments has improved. For example, in our office, we may use ozone therapy to maximize the results of root canal therapy, fillings, and other procedures.

Don’t guess about what is going on in your mouth. Contact our office at 225-635-4422 to schedule a visit with our friendly team.

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