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You CAN Take it With You!

dental services St. Francisville, LAThe Summer season has just about reached full-tilt. In the coming weeks, millions of people will hit the open road for a few days or weeks of rest. The warmth of this time of year, plus the fact that the kiddos are on break, lend to visits with family and friends, days at the pool or amusement park, and longer treks across the country. Exciting as it is to get away from it all for a short while, the inevitable change up in the normal routine could lead to some bad habits that affect the mouth.

Taking to the Road without Taking your Teeth for Granted

Some simple strategies can make any trip more pleasant and protective of your smile. We’ll just lump these strategies under one umbrella:

Take it With You

  • Take your snacks. When we don’t bring snacks along on that long drive, we inevitably find ourselves at the drive-through or corner market where we will be tempted by all sorts of processed foods and beverages. Plan ahead to take healthy, crunchy foods along on your trip. The crunchiness of summertime vegetables and nuts can reduce the desire for potato chips. Crunchy fruits give you that burst of sweet and tart flavors you might otherwise seek in candy, and all of these snacks clean your teeth while you chew them!
  • Take your water. One of the fastest ways that we wreck enamel is by drinking acidic beverages. Soda, coffee, tea, and even non-carbonated sports drinks are all factors in the erosion pandemic we see today. We understand that sometimes, you just want some flavor. However, we encourage you to limit the consumption of sugary, acidic beverages. Also, rinsing the mouth with plain water is a great habit to establish for those moments when you do give into a tasty treat.
  • Take your products. There isn’t much worse than that dirty mouth feeling that develops over the course of a very long day. No number of mints or sticks of gum seem to offset the breath, the dryness, and stickiness that occurs. Aside from sipping water to prolong the freshness of the mouth, you can freshen up easily if you remember to pack a travel-size bottle of mouthwash and a toothbrush.

Sticking around St. Francisville for a bit? Schedule your exam and cleaning at Sullivan Dental Center. Call 225-635-4422.


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