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There may be more to those Cavities than you think

checkup and cleaning | Sullivan Dental CenterSince you were a child, you have heard that the path to a healthy, cavity-free smile is oral care. Just brush and floss your teeth every day and you will be in tip-top shape. This is the impression that many children and even adults get from the standard teaching. However, there are other factors at play when it comes to keeping teeth optimally healthy. Let’s look at what those may be . . .

  • Usually, the word shapely would be used to describe a body-type. But your teeth have a shape, too. Some teeth are “bumpy,” with subtle pits and peaks. Sometimes, those pits and peaks are more pronounced, usually on the premolars and molars at the back of the mouth. If cavities are a consistent problem here, dental sealants may be the answer. Dental sealants are a common pediatric treatment, but may also be beneficial for adults.
  • So many teeth, not enough space. When teeth are overlapping or too close together, there is a greater chance that debris can accumulate where it cannot be seen. More importantly, where it may not be easy to reach with your routine oral care practice. Depending on the degree of crowding, orthodontic treatment may be the most appropriate treatment to minimize the risk of oral problems.
  • Inadequate flow. When you’re in the flow, everything runs more smoothly. This is true in your mouth as much as in your everyday life. We’re talking about saliva flow. When the amount of saliva produced is insufficient to keep the mouth moist, several problems may occur. Not only is dry mouth somewhat uncomfortable, but it also enables bacteria to accumulate more freely.
  • You know that what you eat affects the health of your teeth and your whole body. You may avoid the known culprits of tooth decay, such as sugary soda and sweets. But did you know that any acidic food or beverage can cause degradation? This includes coffee, sugar-free soda, and even carbonated water. As enamel is worn down by acidity, cavity risk increases substantially, along with other problems like discoloration.

The team at Sullivan Dental Center wants to help you enjoy your healthiest smile. To schedule your checkup and to clean with us, call 225-224-8444.

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