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Breath with a Bang

dental services St. FrancisvilleWhen you smile, the intent behind the action is to connect with another person. Our smile is an asset that most of us maintain as best we can. We may brush with whitening toothpaste, or we may even get our teeth whitened by the dentist. But there is something just behind appearance. If the beauty of your smile is followed up by a bang of bad breath, the connection that could be meaningful takes a big hit. Here, we want to discuss some of the reasons that bad breath may become a problem, and what can be done to freshen up.

Is it You?

If you are questioning whether or not you have bad breath, chances are there is some degree of odor, and you can sense it. Could the problem be that your mouth just needs to get a little cleaner? It’s quite possible! We easily lose our footing with daily oral hygiene, skipping the floss or brushing much more quickly than we should. To see if the bad breath problem is related to hygiene, make a new commitment to oral care:

  • Time yourself! Many people are unaware that brushing is something that should be done for two full minutes. The primary goal that people tend to have is to brush twice a day. But if those brushing sessions are short-and-sweet, little may be accomplished to prevent bad breath. A timer may help you develop a habit of two-minute brushing.
  • When flossing is neglected, a substantial percentage of the mouth does not get clean. Plaque and bacteria collect in between teeth, and are only reached with a string of floss. This practice takes so little time that there is no excuse for skipping it!
  • Many people who struggle to keep breath fresh are not aware that bacteria are living large right on the back of their tongue. This sounds unpleasant, and it is, as it relates to your breath. But these microorganisms cannot be seen, so they are easy to miss. A tongue scraper is small and effective at wiping away the biofilm that creates odor.

Might you Need Help?

Sometimes, bad breath is linked to restorations, dentures, or to infection in the mouth. A cavity, inflammation, or gum disease may harbor odor-causing bacteria, as may a denture or restoration that has lost its grip.

Patients of Sullivan Dental in St. Francisville offers friendly dental care to minimize the risk of bad breath and painful dental conditions. Call 225-635-4422 for your visit.

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