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Do you Know all there is to Know about your Smile?

Smile | Sullivan Dental Center LAYou know what your teeth look like, and you brush and floss them every day. You know that your teeth enable you to chew and to make all the sounds of speech. You probably even know a fair amount about the services your St. Francisville dentist offers. Here, we want to give you the chance to test your knowledge a little more with a brief Dental IQ quiz!

True or False

A root canal is an oral surgery, and it hurts.

False. If we had a nickel for every patient that assumed this . . . Well, you know. We probably say this every day “root canal therapy does not hurt.” There may be a couple of reasons why inaccurate stories have circulated for so long. One is that, when this procedure originated many decades ago, dental anesthetic was not what it is today. Shoot! At that time, it even hurt to have a cavity filled. Another reason for the misconception likely comes from the fact that, in most situations, patients who need a root canal present to their dentist with a terrible toothache. That means pain. The discomfort comes from infection, and the root canal procedure removes both.

Kids should drink sports drinks instead of soda.

False! Years ago, this idea sprouted that a child would be better off drinking sports drinks than soda. The truth is, both are bad for teeth. Not just your kids’ teeth, but yours too. The problem isn’t necessarily sugar; it’s acidic ingredients. According to studies, the pH of sports drinks is significant. One study, in particular, noted tooth erosion after just 7 days of drinking sports drinks instead of soda. If your kids need flavor, which most do, add some lemon and a packet of stevia to water.

Home-whitening is just as good as in-office teeth whitening.

True. In fact, if you are a person who leans toward tooth sensitivity, whitening your teeth at home with a professional-grade bleaching solution from your dentist may be better for you. The primary reason that patients would want in-office whitening is that they have a special event in the coming days and they want to look their best.

Patients of Sullivan Dental Center can obtain general, cosmetic, and endodontic care that is focused on their comfort. To schedule a visit with us, call 225-224-8444.


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