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The Transformation of Dentistry Adds Value to Your Smile

Amalgam Filling Removal St. Francisville LA It’s safe to say that dentistry isn’t what it used to be. The common perception is that dentistry has historically existed as a method of preventing and treating dental disease. In fact, there were no formal practices until the 19th century. Long before the very first refined dental text was written in the 1700s, we can see evidence of innovative dental techniques. As creative as humans have always been at addressing issues like cavities and misalignment, we feel extraordinarily fortunate to live in a time when protocols have been proven through years of clinical use.

A Look at Dental Evolution


Historical documentation reveals the conceptual understanding of tooth decay. While this knowledge was limited to the idea that “worms” caused cavities, additional evidence suggests that humans did attempt to develop ways to restore damaged teeth. In an archeological excavation, researchers discovered remains in which holes had been “drilled” into teeth, presumably to repair decay. Thousands of years later, modern dental science had developed a method in which filling material would be inserted into the hole. Early on, materials such as gold, tin, and copper were tried. Today, we have elevated our standards to a point where fillings restore both the structure and the natural appearance of teeth. At Sullivan Dental in St. Francisville, we perform mercury-free fillings as well as safe amalgam removal.

Tooth Replacement

Because much of the population alive just over a century ago experienced extensive tooth loss, there has been a perception that science had not attempted to establish methods of replacing missing teeth until dentures were made accessible in the early 20th century. In fact, there is ample documentation that humans had developed not only a crude form of dentures before the 1900s, but also that ancient civilizations had tried to replace teeth similarly that we do today.

Thousands of years ago, Egyptians used shells carved in the shape of teeth to replace the natural structure. Today, we have a far more effective technique for tooth replacement. Using local numbing medication and strategic surgical planning, the modern dentist carefully inserts surgical-grade titanium implant posts into the jawbone. When these posts are stable within the jawbone, they can secure natural-looking, natural-feeling artificial teeth that work exceedingly well for decades.

There is so much knowledge regarding dental health and restoration today that no one need suffer the effects of dental disease. Let us help you maintain your healthy, attractive smile with proven protocols. Call 225-635-4422 to schedule your visit.

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