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The Value of a Healthy Smile Never Ends

Dental Services | Sullivan Dental Center | St. Francisville, LAWith the advent of cosmetic dentistry services, we have witnessed a surge in the interest of a beautiful smile. Humans have always, inherently admired beauty. It may seem that we do so now more than ever due to the prevalence of the “selfie” photograph and the popularity of reality stars. Because a lot of focus is directed toward the younger generation of millennials, there is a chance that Baby Boomers may forget that their aging smile has a great deal of value and that it always will.

Aging Isn’t What It Used to Be

Not so long ago, the retirement age was almost set in stone. Around the age of 65, an adult would hang up her apron and head on her marry way into retirement. Today, the lines are very blurred. A large percentage of the population continues to work well after they would be expected to retire. The reasons to maintain steady work vary from person to person. Some stay busy with charity work, while others begin a whole new career later in life. In any instance, the smile holds a place of importance for the older adult wanting to make the best first impression on a potential boss, co-workers, and clients.

Up until recently, there has been very little attention given to the fact that relationship status may change at any time in life. We are now more openly aware of the fact that our parents and grandparents may be dating or getting married. To stay “on the scene” means to want to look and feel your best. Cosmetic dentistry services such as teeth whitening, porcelain crowns or veneers, and well-made dentures are all integral to appearance and confidence.

Healthy Aging: What does that mean?

As we age, we want to maintain the highest possible level of health. This may look slightly different for all of us. To age healthily means to eat well, drink little, and move often. It also means to take really good care of oral health. With research indicating clear cause-and-effect related to gum disease and general health conditions like diabetes, there is ample reason to stay up-to-date with dental exams and cleanings throughout the many years of adulthood.

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