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Bye-Bye, Amalgam! Benefits of Mercury-free Fillings

Amalgam Removal | Sullivan Dental Center St. Francisville LAThe more that consumers are learning about dental amalgam, the more inquiries there are into how to safely remove this substance from the mouth. Historically, amalgams have been referred to as “silver fillings.” This lends to the perception that these fillings truly are made of silver. The truth is, there is a small amount of silver, and also some tin, copper, and a good amount of mercury to bind it all together, so it will stick. The metal filling is not only unsightly, as silver fades to almost-black; it also presents certain risks.

Sullivan Dental Center was one of the very first practices in St. Francisville to offer safe mercury removal or the removal of amalgam fillings. Also, we offer tooth-colored fillings made of composite material as an alternative method of tooth repair. Why would you choose this method of care? Here’s why . . .

Natural Appeal

One of the most noticeable advantages to mercury removal and replacement with a composite filling or ceramic crown is the appearance of the smile. Our teeth are white; we want them to remain so! Having dark spots from fillings creates an obvious flaw that the eye cannot ignore. This is true even when fillings are placed in back teeth, which they often are. In many cases, we have seen the gray shading of amalgam permeate the enamel of surrounding teeth, diminishing the vibrancy of the smile.


Quality dental care is not all about making patients comfortable (though that is a priority for us!), nor is it all about affordability (though we do our best to meet your needs). Quality dental care boils down to how long your smile lasts. How long can we help you avoid dental problems? How long will your restorations function without needing replacement? That is value, and that is what you get with mercury-free fillings.

When a composite is used to repair a tooth, the material is applied in a putty form after decay has been removed. A liquid primer maximizes the hold between enamel and the composite. Once the filling has been laid, layer by layer, light cures the material into an instantly hard surface. The margins are so strong that the overall structure of the tooth gains stability, and can retain it for many years.

The attractiveness and longevity of composite fillings are clearly advantageous. But it is the health benefits to mercury removal that are most impressive. If you would like to know more about the safe removal of amalgam fillings, we would love to speak with you. Call our St. Francisville office at 225-635-4422

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