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Tips for Preventing Oral Cancer

Drs. Frank Sullivan, Clay Couvillon, and Candice Sullivan believe that with proper screenings and routine examinations, most patients are able to address conditions such as oral cancer. Oral cancer can impact any patient at any age, though it is easily diagnosed in the earlier stages with appropriate screenings.

Why do I need oral cancer screenings?

If oral cancer is left undiagnosed, it becomes a more serious problem as it spreads to other areas of the mouth and body, including the tongue, tonsils, and gums. With the help of a dental professional and their specialized tools, oral cancer can be seen and diagnosed early enough for successful intervention and treatment. The dentists at Sullivan Dental Center in St. Francisville, LA will be looking for signs of cancer, including growth of oral tissues, bumps, or lesions. These may be sampled and used for a biopsy to look for cancerous skin cells.

Who is at risk of developing oral cancer?

While oral cancer can develop on anyone at any time, the specific risk factors that greatly increase one’s chance of developing oral cancer include both genetics and behavior. Behaviors may include activities such as tobacco use through chewing tobacco, cigarettes, or even vaping. Additionally, alcohol consumption can contribute to the development of abnormal tissue development in the smile, resulting in a multiplied risk of developing oral cancer.

What should I expect during an oral cancer examination?

Screening for oral cancer is often done during routine dental examinations and cleanings at Sullivan Dental Center. The dentist conducts an examination of the mouth and throat, searching for any changes in the look, feel, or abnormalities in the oral cavity and beyond. Our practice also offers a special laser device that can help in screening for problematic areas that may be indicative of cancer. If anything is found, a biopsy is performed. The results will determine the treatment, if any, that may be best for the patient to address the developing issue.

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