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Can it Be This Easy to get a Straight Smile?

Orthodontics St. Francisville , LA | Sullivan Dental CenterToday, most things are easier than they were a few decades ago. If we want to listen to music, we can do so without having the frustrating experience of tape getting stuck in the spokes of the player. If we never wanted to cook a meal, we literally would not have to. It’s pretty amazing to think of all the ways life has improved thanks to innovative technology. Even dental care has progressed!

In our St. Francisville office, we love using the latest techniques to help patients achieve their goals. When the goal is to have a straighter smile, we are often able to reach the desired outcome without braces. Invisalign has helped millions of people come into their best smile. Still, there is a bit of mystery about how teeth could possibly be straightened by something that looks like it would be used to whiten them. We get it. Invisalign looks easy. It is important to remember, though, that “easy” doesn’t mean that this treatment is too good to be true.

Easy as 1-2-3

When it comes to the principles of moving teeth, there is no difference between Invisalign and conventional orthodontics. To get teeth from point A to point B, what we need is consistent force. Braces exert force through a wire that runs through a series of brackets. Sometimes, additional fixtures, such as bands, are used to encourage specific movements. With Invisalign, aligners are the source of pressure that first slightly loosens the hold of the periodontal ligament on teeth and then guides teeth into a new position. Because Invisalign follows this principle, this system is capable of correcting many of the same orthodontic symptoms as conventional braces.

Have you had the wrong idea about Invisalign? It’s time to set the record straight. During a consultation in our St. Francisville office, we can perform diagnostic imaging and a physical examination of your dentition to observe the extent of malocclusion. Invisalign may be the ideal course of treatment if you have mild to moderate misalignment or even bite issues such as overbite or crossbite.

Getting a straight smile can be far easier than you have imagined. Learn more by calling 225-635-4422.

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