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Early Dental Care: Why it Matters

Early Dental Care | Sullivan Dental Center St. Francisville LAYou know that you only get two sets of teeth. One sprouts up during the first few years of life and is eventually and gradually replaced by the permanent set that will carry you through the rest of your existence. Baby teeth, as we call them, are only temporary. Why, then, are you encouraged to take your child to the dentist at such an early age? Turn out; there are several good reasons to schedule your child’s first dental exam around their first birthday.


Do you remember seeing the dentist as a child? If you do, there is a good chance you remember not liking this part of life! It is only natural that a child may feel frightened by the clinical setting of the dental office. If care is obtained only when a painful problem, such as a cavity, exists, then this perception of dentistry being scary and painful is only proven time and time again. Early preventive dental care allows children to become familiar with our faces during a time when there are no issues to address, and this just so happens to be another advantage of early care . . .

Disease prevention

The earlier that children begin to receive checkups and cleanings, the less likely they are to encounter the dental diseases that cause unnecessary pain. Developing teeth are incredibly vulnerable to decay, so should be examined every six months without fail. In addition to checking teeth for cavities, the visits that take place during childhood may include painless treatments like fluoride or dental sealants, both of which are excellent at preventing cavities.

Parental support

One of the major focuses of early childhood dental care is education. Children do not know how to care for their teeth yet, and parents may not, either. Teaching oral care can be a challenge, and parents need all the support they can get. Dental exams may observe hidden problems related to oral habits, dietary habits, or thumb-sucking, and give us the opportunity to assist parents in creating healthy practices that enable their kids to avoid the discomfort of poor oral health.

We believe that dental care should be as stress-free as possible for all of our patients, regardless of age. To schedule your stress-free visit at Sullivan Dental Center, cal l225-635-4422.

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