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How root canal therapy can save a natural tooth from extraction

Root Canal Treatment St. Francisville LAWhen patients are told the words “root canal,” they typically think of a painful treatment. However, root canal therapy is a procedure that is done with proper anesthetics and is actually pain-free—while also helping eliminate pain patients may be feeling. This pain often brings them in for an evaluation to determine the cause, and will find that root canal therapy can not only eliminate the pain, but allow them to maintain their natural tooth.

What causes a toothache?

Toothaches can be caused when patients have an injury, infection, or disease affecting the dental pulp, a mass of tissues inside of a tooth that houses the blood supply and nerves. The nerves direct pain sensations to the brain, which results in an undeniable pain in the mouth. In many instances, when patients undergo an evaluation with their dentist, it will be determined that root canal therapy, or “endodontic therapy,” may be required to bring the patient back to health.

Root canal therapy explained

When the procedure begins, our dental team will start with proper local anesthetics and sedation if needed. The patient is completely comfortable as the dentist drills into the tooth to access the dental pulp inside and remove it. Once removed, the inner canals of the tooth are cleansed and disinfected to remove any trace of bacteria that may be present. A material known as gutta percha is then used inside of the tooth to seal it off and protect it from further damage. Our dental team may recommend the placement of a dental crown over the top of the tooth as an extra layer of protection. The entire procedure eliminates the need to otherwise remove the tooth and discuss tooth replacement solutions.

Call Sullivan Dental Care today to learn more about root canal therapy

If you need to save a natural tooth from removal and are interested in undergoing root canal therapy to do so, we encourage you to call our team members today for a consultation appointment and initial evaluation. Our dentists can be reached by calling (225) 635-4422 and visiting the office in St. Francisville, LA at 5436 Commerce Street.

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