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So You Need a Root Canal

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“You need a root canal.” These are words that most people never want to hear from their dentist. We can understand why. At the same time, we do offer this treatment because it provides outstanding patient outcomes in instances where a tooth has been deeply damaged. Our first priority is to help our patients secure a healthy smile. That sometimes means we have to treat injured teeth. Here, we want to discuss this elephant in the room of every dental office so, if you ever do need a root canal, it won’t seem so stressful.

Root Canal Therapy: Why?

This may be the first thought to go through your head if you need in-depth restorative treatment. Why did this happen? It happened because the core of your tooth has become infected. Usually, this infection in the pulp tissue of a tooth originates in a small cavity. Ouch. Not just physically, but also, ouch! With early care, it may be possible to prevent deep infection. Sometimes, a tooth is directly injured, perhaps in a car accident or while playing sports, and the injury has extended too deep for the roots to be unaffected.

Root Canal Therapy: Let’s Talk about Pain

The idea that root canal treatment is painful is the primary reason why we call this procedure the elephant in the room. Many people don’t want to think about infected teeth or how they will need to be treated because the root canal procedure has been portrayed as, we’ll just say it, awful. It’s not. Really. It’s not. Think of a time when you had a filling. You probably wouldn’t describe it as unbearable. Root canal therapy is only different in that the process may take slightly longer. But there is no pain. We use local numbing medication to ensure that. Also, we’ve got your back. We don’t want you to feel frightened or anxious during any dental treatment, so we’ve incorporated effective sedation techniques that can be used during root canal procedures.

We’d love to help you avoid procedures like root canals and tooth replacement. Our team offers gentle, professional care in a friendly environment that is intended to encourage routine care. If you haven’t seen the dentist in more than six months, now is a great time to schedule that checkup and cleaning. Call our St. Francisville office at 225-635-4422.

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