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Details of Sedation Dentistry You Want to Know

Sedation Dentistry St. Francisville LAHere at Sullivan Dental, we want to assist patients in the maintenance of their happy, healthy smiles. We understand that, even when you know that dental care can help you feel and look your best, fear can keep you from making that call to your friendly dentist. Because we understand this, we go beyond talking patients through their anxiety. Sometimes, fear stems from a bad experience. Sometimes, there is no explaining what caused dental anxiety. We don’t need to explain it; we need to manage it. In our St. Francisville office, we do that with sedation.

What Sedation Dentistry Really Is

Some people refer to sedation dentistry as sleep dentistry or twilight dentistry. By any name, the process is generally the same. Sedation dentistry involves the administration of some kind of sedative medication. A sedative may be inhaled (laughing gas), ingested (oral conscious sedation), or administered directly into the bloodstream (IV sedation).  These are tiny details. The bigger picture of sedation dentistry is what it can do for you:

  • Sedation can be conveniently administered. There may not be any easier way to annihilate dental anxiety than to take a pill or breathe an odorless, tasteless gas. Depending on the type of sedation that is chosen, it may be necessary to have someone drive you to your appointment.
  • Dental sedation safely reduces anxiety. The sedation methods used in dentistry have been studied extensively and found to have few risks and side effects. Nitrous oxide is powerful against anxiety but gentle enough on the nervous system that most patients can drive home after their appointment.
  • Sedatives are effective. The recommendation for sedation comes after a thorough consultation and health history. Based on the findings of our discussion, we can administer the most appropriate sedative. Whichever is chosen is expected to work quickly and last throughout the necessary procedure.

Dental anxiety is a prevalent problem that keeps many adults from enjoying their best oral health. You know that regular dental care can help you look and feel great, and your dental anxiety has stood in your way long enough. Let’s set it aside together. Call our St. Francisville office at 225-635-4422 to learn more about your options for sedation dentistry.

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