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Want to put Dental Anxiety behind you? Try this!

Sedation Dentistry | Sullivan Dental CenterPatient comfort is a priority in most dental offices. That term, “patient comfort,” can mean different things to different people. If you are someone who breaks out into a cold sweat whenever you pick up the phone to schedule dental care, these are words you want to hear. Unfortunately, we know they are also words you probably don’t trust. “We prioritize your comfort!” Statements like this sound like nothing more than good marketing to the person who has dental anxiety. We know. We want to help you put this issue behind you.

Dental anxiety can be an enormous problem that lingers for a lifetime if not properly handed. We know that, regardless of how gentle we are, how friendly we are, you still may not want to visit us! That is unless we face your anxiety head on; see it for what it is and offer you real, valuable solutions to make dental appointments go by faster and without any pain. We’d like the opportunity to try.

According to research, as well as practical experience, there are a few ways that you can work to ease tension around dental care.

  1. Visit the dentist regularly. Don’t stop reading! We know this sounds ridiculous but stay with us. You get it. You know that when you see the dentist, any problems that you might have will be observed early. Then, they cannot progress into a seething infection that keeps you up at night. Routine checkups combined with good home care might mean that you get a clean bill of oral health more often than not!
  2. Rely on the tunes. We all know that music is powerful. It can lift your mood and, yes, it can even help you relax in the dental chair. Who wouldn’t rather listen to Bach than the (dental) Doc!

Getting right to it

When it comes to dealing with dental care, what you want is to get right to it. We do, too. This is why we offer dental sedation. Whether nitrous oxide inhalation sedation, oral sedation, or IV, our methods are easy and they are effective at releasing you of the burden of fear during dental visits.

There is no benefit to avoiding the dentist. There is a great deal of benefit to using sedation to help you get the treatment you need to maintain a healthy smile. Learn more about the options for dental sedation at Sullivan Dental Center in St. Francisville. Call 225-635-4422.




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