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A Fabulous Smile is Yours for the Keeping

Teeth Whitening St. Francisville LAThere is no denying the fact that humans love white teeth. We always have. Looking back over centuries, we can see how humans have tried to foster extreme whiteness (sometimes with outrageous techniques!). Today, there are several ways to remedy the natural dulling and discoloration that seems to happen to everyone. Here, we discuss how you can get and keep a fabulously white smile.

Reaching the Radiance You Want

Typically, it is necessary to reset the smile to a new and improved level of radiance as a precursor to any form of management. Discoloration is not something that begins in adulthood; our teeth are porous from the get-go, which means we are absorbing tiny particles of debris throughout childhood and the teen years before we may even notice that our smile isn’t a dazzling as it could be. Years of staining can’t be reversed with even the best dental cleaning. What has to happen is that peroxide needs to be applied to the teeth to penetrate the pores where particles have collected. Through this process, the color of teeth is lifted to a whole new level.

Keeping Your Fabulous Smile

You may know that your teeth have become stained because of your love of coffee or red wine. This isn’t going to cause you to change your entire life just to keep your new pearly whites sparkly. It’s nearly impossible to avoid any food that would stain your teeth. Instead of trying, we suggest that patients develop a few strategies to maintain the results of their teeth whitening treatment:

  • When you drink water, swish it over and through your teeth. This is especially useful after eating or drinking because the movement of water can remove debris that is still sitting on the surface. Rinsing away particles from food and drinks minimizes the amount of setting that can happen in the pores of enamel.
  • Remember to brush consistently as recommended. Flossing is also necessary to reduce future staining caused by plaque.
  • Eat crunchy vegetables like celery after meals or as an afternoon snack. The crunchiness polishes enamel, and the abundant water content dilutes acidity that can discolor teeth.
  • Get a touch-up treatment every so often to remove stains that have dulled your smile.

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