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Want to Look Younger? Look at Your Smile!

Teeth Whitening St. Francisville LAThrough hundreds of years of effort, humankind has constructed a system of treatments that make up the proverbial fountain of youth that was once discussed as if it were real. As a result of surgical lifting procedures and injectables like Botox, it is real; we can age how we wish. We’re able to smooth lines and wrinkles and tighten sagging skin. But is that enough to recreate a more youthful appearance? It may not be.

What the Smile Says

We have our ways of observing age that seem to be hardwired in the human brain. One way is to look at the teeth. The perception of age comes primarily from the color of our teeth, and then the length. Just a hundred years ago, severe gum recession wasn’t uncommon, and a person may be called “long in the tooth” rather than “old.” We still have these perceptions today, even if we don’t talk much about them. In terms of the color of teeth, understanding perception can work in our favor.

Brighter Smile, Younger Face

At Sullivan Dental Center in St. Francisville, we are more than happy to help patients regain their youthful appearance with Botox injections to smooth frown lines and crow’s feet. Another way that we can bring more exuberance back to the face is with teeth whitening. In one research study, people who underwent professional teeth whitening were perceived to be 10 years younger in their After pictures than in their Before pictures. A significant impact with minimal effort. Can anti-aging be any easier?

Whitening the Right Way

There are right ways to reverse discoloration on teeth, and there are wrong ways. We’ve learned this through history and a lot of trial and error. For the safest and most effective method, turn to your dentist. Many of our patients choose in-office teeth whitening. This accelerated method is great for busy people, which means pretty much all of us. In a short office visit, we apply whitening gel to the teeth and set it into action using light. This maximizes the absorption of whitening peroxide into the tubules of enamel so debris that is causing stains can be disintegrated quickly.

A brighter, younger smile is just around the corner. Contact us today and call 225-635-4422 to schedule your teeth whitening treatment.

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