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Dentures is a great solution for those with missing teeth and have a great desire to restore their smile. Many people are embarrassed due to missing teeth, which can have a direct impact on not only their overall confidence, but also general quality of life. Missing teeth can change your speech and can even cause difficulty eating some of your favorite foods. At Sullivan Dental Center, we are able to restore your confidence by giving you the smile you deserve with our Precisions-Fit Dentures.

What are dentures?

A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Depending on your individual needs, there are two types available: complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures is a great option for those with all or many missing teeth. Partial dentures is a suitable option for those with some natural teeth remain or with a number of missing teeth in a specific area. Our dentists in our St. Francisville office will assess your individual needs and discuss which option would be best for you.

Benefits of Dentures Dentures | Precision Fit Dentures | Sullivan Dental Center

Beyond the capacity to eat foods you used to eat, dentures can return a sense of self-confidence and pride to the wearer. They can also help with the following:

  • Give a person back the ability to chew and bite properly.
  • Give a person back their self-confidence.
  • Allow the person to eat healthier foods such as nuts and fruit again.
  • Can give a person back normal speech patterns.
  • Improve the wearer’s facial structure.

What Are Precision-Fit Dentures?

Precision-Fit Dentures are handcrafted to suit each patient’s individual appearance, needs, and precise function. They are designed to fit the cosmetic proportions of your unique anatomy. Dr. Couvillion’s precise measurements help bring back your genuine smile, providing a natural “facelift” and restoring a more youthful look.

Our Precision- Fit process includes a duplicate denture that will allow future remakes to be less costly and time-consuming for you. Learn More about Precision-Fit Dentures

Precision-Fit Dentures Before and After Photos

Dentures Before and After Photos | Sullivan Dental Center


“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked through the doors of Sullivan Dental Center. During my consult with Dr. Couvillon and his team, they truly listened to my concerns and made it easy to decide on an implant-retained denture. He treated me like family, and if something wasn’t right, he and his team worked until it was perfect. Today, I have a beautiful smile I can be proud of.”



Types of Precision-Fit Dentures


These are removable dental devices to replace your natural teeth. The upper and lower dentures fit onto the gums, secured by suction. Dr. Couvillon’s improved fitting techniques make this the right choice for patients who are not candidates for dental implants.


Also removable, implant-supported dentures replace your natural teeth by anchoring to dental implants inserted into the jawbone. Wearers remove the dentures to clean them. The implants give structural support and stability, and dramatically reduce bone loss over time. This option is the most cost-effective way to give your new teeth a more natural feel and open the palate to improve taste.


Implant-retained dentures differ from implant-supported ones because they are fixed dental devices. Wearers maintain the dentures like their natural teeth without removing them. They have the same structural support and stability and bone preservation benefits., as natural teeth.

Benefits of Precision-Fit Dentures

Precision-Fit Dentures is a technique Dr. Couvillon performs to maximize both comfort and function for the patient. As the first North American dentist trained in mandibular suction, he is able to take impressions of the mouth and jawline to insure the best fit. The benefits of this denture include the following:

  • Custom techniques all for precise alignment and balance of the upper and lower teeth
  • Each custom denture has duplication capabilities to ensure less costly and time-consuming future remakes.

How does it work when you get dentures?

The process starts with the removal of any overly damaged teeth, and the subsequent time to let the gums heal. To give you the ability to chew food in the interim, we create a set of “immediate” dentures at this point. These will act as temporary stand-in while we go about the process of creating and fitting your permanent dentures.

Dentures | Precision Fit Dentures | Sullivan Dental Center

Once your gums have healed:

  1. We take full impressions of your mouth and gums. We also take a series of measurements that detail the upper and lower jaws and space between them.
  2. From those impressions, we create what we call model dentures out of either wax or plastic. These are made to the precise shape and position of what will be your permanent dentures. We use these models to test the color, fit, thickness, shape, and function.
  3. Once our team and you believe we have a good fit, we make another set of final impressions of your gums and mouth. We send these to the dental lab, along with the models, for the creation of your permanent dentures.
  4. When they are finished you return to our office and we test your new dentures. We will make adjustments in the office and then send you home for a few days to see how you like the fit. From there, we will continue to adjust the fit until you are satisfied with the final feel of your new teeth.

Why Choose Dr. Clay Couvillon For My Precision-Fit Procedure?

Dr. Couvillon is the first North American dentist trained in Mandibular Suction, a technique he learned from Dr. Jiro Aben. This new impression technique impression ensures your best fit and maximum comfort. He finds the technique particularly helpful with securely fitting lower dentures without the aid of implants. To maximize the function of your new smile, we customize these using techniques that precisely align and balance the upper and lower teeth.

How long will my dentures last?

Complete dentures last from five to seven years on average. During this time the gum tissue and the jawbone beneath the dentures change. These changes dictate relining, rebasing, or remaking the dentures. 

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