Dr. Couvillon Oncology
Dental oncology is an area of dentistry that focuses on maintaining your health during chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or head and neck surgery. Dental oncology deals with evaluating patients before these procedures to ensure your oral health to prevent issues that could arise during treatment.

Dr. Clay Couvillon will provide general dental treatments including restorative dentistry and treat any side effects from your treatment such as mouth sores, thrush and dry mouth. Dental oncology can be lifesaving; dental abscess during cancer treatment can lead to potentially lethal brain infections or other side effects.

The goal of dental oncology is control, treat and prevent any infection or pain during treatment and to manage any complications that may arise; it is also designed to help recover any oral function that may be lost during your treatments. The services our dental oncologist may provide to you to protect your oral health are as follows:

  • Pre-therapy assessments of your dental health and a personalized oral health plan
  • Prevention and treatment of painful mouth and throat sores that can occur during cancer treatment
  • Management of head and neck pain
  • Oral hygiene instructions to optimize your oral health during treatment
  • Management of potential taste alteration or loss of taste

Oncology is essential for cancer care. Dental care should continue post-treatment so our team can help you maintain your oral and overall health. Our team is dedicated to your overall health, every step of the way. Call Sullivan Dental Center today at 225-635-4422 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Clay Couvillon and learn more about dental oncology in St. Francisville, Louisiana, and how it can help you with your cancer care.


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